The trend for data center infrastructure.

The cooling of data centers has changed more in the last five years than any other system in the industry.

Information Security in companies in Argentina

Beginning in 2017, BDO Argentina presented a report on the Information Security of companies in the country.

 Como Dimensionar una UPS

The power consumed by electronic devices is measured in watts (W) or in volt-ampere (VA).

Precauciones para la instalación y mantenimiento de la batería

Users should apply the following safety measures when installing and regularly maintaining the batteries:

Mantenimiento de las UPS

A regular maintenance routine guarantees an optimal functioning during de UPS' lifespan.

Fiabilidad de Cada unidad de UPS

Reliability is a key factor when using any equipment. This concept aplies to equipments of any size, weather they are electric or mechanic

Cuidados al conectar las Impresoras Láser

¿Why is it advisable to be careful when plugging a laser printer into a UPS?

Diferencias entre las Tecnologías de los UPS

Frequent cuestions about UPS: ¿Which are the differences between the many UPS technologies, types (standby, off-line, interactive, interactive line, on-line and on-line double conversion operation)?