Users should apply the following safety measures when installing and regularly maintaining the batteries:

  • SóAlways use the same battery type, coming from the same supplier.
  • Never re-use old batteries together with new battheries
  • Never use together batteries with different capacities
  • The number of batteries should always be the one required by the UPS
  • Do not connect the batteries in the opposite way
  • Keep the batteries away from fire, as they may detonate.
  • The batteries are in risk of electric shock and short-circuit.
  • When starting a UPS for the first time, charge the equipment for at least 6 to 8 hours, to assure the batteries are fully charged prior to functioning.
  • Check the condition of the batteries when receiving them from the supplier in order to identify any expansion or collision damage
  • Batteries should be stored in a fresh and dry environment.
  • Avoid installing the batteries near to the heat point in the server room
  • Make sure to adjuts the screws when connecting the batteries.
  • The recommended temperature for the batteries optimal functioning is between 19º to 22º
  • Mantain regularly

Batteries are due to fail soon if a good mantainance service and backup management system is not provided.