For more than a decade, APD energy has been a leading company in the manufacturing of energy solutions and the administration of backup power. Our products stand out in infrastructure solutions, data management and data security.

APD Energy offers a very wide range of products:

  • Uninterruptable power supply systems
  • Integral Services
  • Management Software
  • Data service cooling systems
  • Racks and Accesories

Our mission is to join our clients in protecting their systems from energy problemas that may damage them, by knowing and creating solutions for each particular case.

Two of the most common issues in data center projects are the waste of time and money and the deficiencies caused by shortcomings during the process (workforce reduction, implementation and execution mistakes such as missinformation of decisions, etc.). Unnecesary expenditure, delays and frustration are listed among the dangers of creating non standirezed processes.
Our process is designed to avoid this problems, from the stage of planning on to the rest of stages along the project. As a result, the need to reelaborate is minimized, the cicle is acceelerated and the system we offer is designed according to the expectations.
The outcome is the complete satisfaction of our clients' needs.