The trend for data center infrastructure.

In this last time the thermal management, is increasingly an ally of sustainability, what does this mean? Are especially the characteristics of development that assures the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

The cooling of data centers has changed more in the last five years than any other system in the industry and at APD Energy we are aware of that change and we are advancing as the industry advances.

We know that our customers are looking to reduce energy costs; traditional approaches to "maximum cooling" have been displaced by more sophisticated approaches to eliminate heat as efficiently as possible, although energy efficiency remains a concern. Consumption of water and refrigerants have emerged as important considerations in some geographies.

Global market trends show an increase in the use of new technologies that take advantage of evaporative and adiabatic cooling, which use water to cool the surrounding air. These technologies offer very efficient, reliable and economical thermal management.