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memo power plus series
Factor de Potencia

Power Factor: 0.9

93.5% Complete (success)

Efficiency: >93.5%


The HP9100C series of Technology On Line Double Conversion is the latest development of APD, which monitor and constantly regulate power conditions, voltage and frequency, providing superior protection in electrical infrastructure of IT environments, networks, servers and all kinds of applications mission critical. With Tower and LCD Display format APD UPS will provide the flexibility necessary for the protection of their critical loads providing status information in real time.

Particular characterisitics

W*D*H - MM
Memo Power Plus 10KVA 10000VA/9000W 597 x 250 x 655
Memo Power Plus 15KVA


502 x 250 x 616
Memo Power Plus 20KVA 20000/16000 --

General Characteristics

INPUT Nominal Voltage: 380/400/415 Vac (3Ph+N+PE)
Operating Voltage range: 208~478 Vac
Operating Frequency range: 50Hz: 45~55Hz; 60Hz: 54~66Hz (Auto Sensing)
Power Factor: 0,99
OUTPUT Output Voltage: 220/230/240 Vac
Power Factor: 0,9
Output Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 0,1% battery mode
Efficiency: 93,5%
Enviromental Operating Temperature: 0~40°C
Humidity range: -25°C~55°C